iPhone SE Screen Replacement & Service Cost [2020 model]

If you are dealing with a broken display, here is how you can contact Apple for an iPhone SE screen replacement and how much it will cost you for the whole process.

Apple released the new second-generation iPhone SE this month, retailing for $399. Its technology and price make it a desirable possession for those who wish to replace an older iPhone, or maybe use it as a secondary device. It ships with a 4.7-inch Retina display, with a glass back and aluminum design.

Unfortunately, devices, new or old, are prone to accidental damages. Most commons causes of iPhone screen damage are accidental drops or just hitting them hard against any surface. Apple provides repair services for iPhone SE screen replacement for a cost. We list down the costs and procedure of getting a broken screen replaced.

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

iPhone SE 2 Screen Replacement Cost

Apple’s repair pricing is different for iPhones that are under warranty or AppleCare+, or without any warranty coverage.

  • iPhone SE with AppleCare+ coverage will cost $0 for screen repair. Apple provides free screen replacement fo two incidents of accidental damage coverage every 24 months, if you have AppleCare+.
  • If you have warranty, screen replacement will cost $129, unless the damage is due to a defect and not an accident. In case of defect, Apple will replace it for free.
  • Without warranty, iPhone SE screen replacement costs $129 too.

iPhone SE 2

For units without warranty, Apple will charge an additional $6.95 shipping fee the if they are sent to an Apple Repair center. Authorized service provider’s price for iPhone SE screen replacement may vary.

Even though iPhone SE has the same display as iPhone 8, iPhone SE screen replacement costs $129, compared to $149 for the older model. It does not make much sense but we assume that Apple has priced it based on the original cost of the device.

Repair Support Options

Suited to their routine and preference, customers have three options to get a repair. To schedule repair, customers must call Apple, or log in to Apple support website, and schedule an appointment.

  • Bring in – Damaged unit can be repaired at an Apple Store during a visit. However, units with complex issues will be sent to Apple repair center with 3 to 5 business days waiting time.
  • Send in – Customers can mail in their damaged iPhone SE directly to a repair center, in a box sent by Apple. The unit will be repaired and sent back in 3 to 5 business days.
  • On Site repair – For convenience and quick fix, customers can schedule for a certified Apple service provider to replace the screen at their homes or offices, for an additional fee. On site service is free for units under AppleCare+ coverage. However, this service is available in at selected locations, so customers are advised to confirm if their area is covered by an Apple Support Center.

iPhone SE

AppleCare+ cost and coverage

We all have those moments when our beloved phones slip through our fingers, fall when taking out of pockets or purses, or dropped by children. As a fix to all those accidental damages, Apple offers extended coverage in AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Loss and Theft plans for different prices, so customers can get the devices repaired for free. Apple covers 2 incidents of accidental damage in 24 months under AppleCare+.

Plans can be bought at the time of purchase of an iPhone SE, or 60 days after, with proof of purchase. Read about Apple care plans in detail to make an informed decision.

iPhone SE

We have also covered iPhone SE battery replacement costs and process, make sure to check it out if you get a “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced” message in iOS.

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