How to Auto Install Deb Files With Cydia on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Cydia_logo_and_icon_by_zandog One way to install .den files manually on your iPhone and iPod touch is that you should know how to SSH and how to use MobileTerminal. Well, there is an even easier way to do this but for that your iPhone or iPod touch should be jailbroken. Here are the simple steps to auto install .den files.


  • Jailbroken iOS device
  • You should know how to SSH


  1. Load your SSH client ( Cyberduck for Mac, WinSCP for Windows )
  2. Use alpine as the root password.
  3. Browse to /var/root/Media/
  4. Create a new folder called Cydia and inside that folder, create a folder called AutoInstall ( make sure you create these folders exactly as you read them here. The names are case-sensitive. )
  5. Now copy any .deb file you might have inside the AutoInstall folder, than reboot AND respring your iDevice.

If you want to undo it, then the easiest way is via Cydia. Actually, the app is installed just like any other app you normally install via Cydia , therefore you can also use Cydia to uninstall the apps.

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