How To Change PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Drive Region On Custom Firmware 3.55! [Guide]

With all the recent PlayStation 3 jailbreak achievements and custom firmwares coming out back to back, there was one little problem remaining to be overcome. The problem was, you could only watch Blu-Ray movies from the region that you were allowed to. This problem seems to have now been resolved with a “region patcher” that allows you to bypass this block and turn your PS3 Blu-Ray drive virtually region free making it simply the best Blu-Ray player in the world!


Check out this simple guide on how-to change Blu-Ray drive region on your Jailbroken PS3 console running CFW 3.55:

– Download lv2-patcher-v9

– Copy the files into: /dev_hdd0/game/LV2000000/USRDIR

Next time you start lv2 patcher you will have 3 new patches to choose from (Region a/b/c)

(once you patch you don’t have to restart your ps3, it works right away! if you restart your PS3 the BD region is set to standard again)

** Tested & working on PAL cechcxx machine with 3.55 cfw (rebug & kmeaw) using kmeaw’s lv2 patcher v9!


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