How to re-enable focus assist notifications on Windows 10

Focus Assist mode for Windows 10 is an easy way to keep your concentration intact while gaming or working. The feature – introduced in the October 2020 update – automatically hides some notifications that alert the user when Focus Assist is activated or deactivated.

If you wish to bring the feature back, here’s how.

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How to enable Focus Assist on Windows 10

  1. Firstly, launch Settings by clicking on the Start menu and clicking the gear icon.edit ss for focus assist
  2. After that, click System.Focus Assist (2)
  3. Then, you will find Focus Assist in the sidebar, click it.Focus Assist (3)After scrolling down in Focus Assist settings, you will see the Automatic Rules section. After that, you will see 4 options; During these times, When I’m duplicating my display, When I’m playing a game, and When I’m using an app in full-screen mode.Focus Assist (4)
  4. For further configuration, you will have to turn all four of the Automatic Rules, On.Focus Assist (5)
  5. Now, you will need to visit the sub-sections of the four options. For that, click on the words, During these times, it may not look like much, but you can click it.Focus Assist (6)
  6. A new Settings sub-section will appear. On the page, towards the bottom check the box labeled Show a notification in action center when focus assist is turned on automatically.Focus Assist (7)You will need to repeat the same process with the remaining three options. One at a time, click on each, and when the new Settings screen appears, check the bottom box Show a notification in action center when focus assist is turned on automatically.
  7. Once all the four boxes are checked in the four subsections, go back to the main Focus Assist page. Now, you can switch off any of the Automatic Rules that you do not plan on using.Focus Assist (8)8. Furthermore, upon looking just below the Automatic Rules section, check the box beside Show me a summary of what I missed while focus assist was on.

Focus Assist (9)Finally, exit Settings. The next time Focus Assist is triggered by one of your automation rules, a notification will be received. You will also get another notification summarizing all the notifications you missed while you were doing something, once you are done with the specific task and Focus Assist turns off.

We hope this guide helps you stay focused!

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