How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich (Cyanogen Mod 9) on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Guide]

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 since some time now. Thanks to the lag and issues, I was about to sell it off due to my disappointment with Honeycomb OS and unknown delivery timeline of the Ice Cream Sandwich update by Samsung when thanks to the Cyanogen Mod team, a preview of an Ice Cream Sandwich based ROM was made available which absolutely changed my mind.

Through the two days that I’ve used this ROM, also known as CM9 KANG build, I’ve been surprisingly pleased with how speedy it is – not only in terms of normal performance but the browser is as fast as Safari as iPad now. Even the built-in apps such as Gmail, Google Talk, Gallery are improved.

Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The build is still not stable enough for use by the average Joe since camera, Bluetooth, HD video hardware acceleration doesn’t work well yet. Google Wallet keeps force closing as well as there are slight bugs here and there but nothing that is a showstopper and would make you want to go back to Honeycomb ( YUCK! ).

Here’s how you can also install Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Keep in mind, this is just an alpha build and has no support what so ever. Make sure you backup your data as well.

Note: iTD won’t be responsible for any data loss or device malfunction. Although, if you follow the guide correctly, there shouldn’t be any issue.

  1. You would need to make sure your Tab is rooted and has Clockwork mod recovery installed. If it isn’t, follow our guide here to do so.
  2. Download the CM9 KANG Ice Cream Sandwich RO and GAPPS 4.0.3. Copy these two files to your Tab storage.
  3. Reboot into bootloader and go into CWM.
  4. Wipe data and cache.
  5. Go to Install zip.. and chose the ICS ROM zip file.
  6. Once done, do the same but this time chose the GAPPS zip file.
  7. Reboot. (It will take some time for the first reboot )

Google Wallet FC Issue Fix

To fix the Google Wallet force closing issue, just go to Settings > Apps > Google Wallet and disable it from running. The OS will show you a message about it being a default app etc, ignore it.

Enjoy ICS on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1! CM9 might be the best option we have to really enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich on our tablets because Samsung is sure to bloat it with their Touch Wiz UI when they officially release it.

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