How Windows Mobile Marketplace’s restrictions could make it dead on arrival

image Wmpoweruser has published a list of restrictions imposed on developers for their apps to be approved for Windows Mobile Marketplace. The restrictions seem to have been totally inspired by Apple, which is really not a good thing. It also means that some previously popular Windows Mobile apps will be ineligible for Windows Marketplace. In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll be missing

  • You can say goodbye to Skype ever coming to Windows Phones since Microsoft prohibits VOIP services over a mobile operator network.
  • Applications that sell or link to voice plans are also banned.
  • No Guitar Hero or the likes because Microsoft wont allow applications that distribute alternate marketplaces for content that are sold or distributed through Windows Marketplace for Mobile.
  • Applications that change the default browser, search client or media player on the device. This was one of the best things in Windows Mobile, but now this has turned into a monopolistic approach like Apple’s App Store restrictions.
  • Applications with OTA download greater than 10 MB. So, how will the Youtube application even work?!

These are just some of the points I have highlighted from the list of absurd restrictions which have been rightly termed ridiculous by Wmpoweruser. I don’t think Microsoft is realizing just how far behind they are in competition to the likes of iPhone and Blackberry. And a crippled Windows Marketplace for Mobiles is the last thing they need. One can only wish that the people who came up with these restrictions get some sense knocked into them and fix them up, or else we can just look towards the competition to lead the way as it is happening at the moment.

You can view the PDF for Prohibited Application Types here.

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  1. One last question. Will Microsoft force Windows Mobile to only accept application offered through the marketplace, or will users can still comb the web looking for download of applications not sold through the marketplace and install it as what we’re familiar with (which means Marketplace will be a convenience, not the only source).

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