HTC Sense and Android 2.1 make a great combo!

HTC Hero with new Pinch To Zoom

This week was loaded of new HTC handsets with Android 2.1 and HTC Sense. So here’s a video revealing an old HTC Hero running the newest Android 2.1 and Sense. What’s new you might ask? Well, looks like HTC wasn’t happy being the first to bring pinch-to-zoom to the browser and gallery (7 months before Google), it wants more.

Google introduced a new feature to view and select different home screens, really great idea! HTC did more; HTC Sense on Android 2.1 allows you to pinch-to-zoom on the home screen. You can zoom out, see all seven home panels at once, choose the one you want to go to, and click it. It might not be something extraordinary, but it’s definitely useful.

I personally can’t wait for HTC or Google to release more features for their mobile phones. If you watch the video, the process is smooth. But the user has some difficulties at some points because his fingers hit the notification bar. So keep your fingers low to enjoy the feature.

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