Hyper Facts Adds A Unique Interactive Encyclopedia To Your iOS Device! [REVIEW]

A2rt developers have launched a unique app for iOS which lets you look up millions of facts and figures from around the globe updated in real-time. Its called Hyper Facts and is now available for download on the App Store. The app comes as a universal binary meaning it has been designed for iPhone / iPod touch as well as the iPad. They call it the “walking encyclopedia” and we totally agree with it. We received a complimentary copy of Hyper Facts recently and would like to share our thoughts with you in the following review.

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Simply put, Hyper Facts brings the most up-to-date sources of information available around the internet into a single iPhone / iPad app. It lets you search over 9 million unique facts within the app and links them to multiple articles on Wikipedia to bring you the most comprehensive and updated search results available. You can look up just about anything from famous people to nearby places and landmarks or even look up a historic event. The app incorporates a simple UI with options to look up a person, location, event, work or all these at once. The app utilizes GPS capabilities of your iPhone / iPad to look up nearby events and famous landmarks and neatly marks them on an interactive Google map.

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Whats unique about Hyper Facts is that all the articles are interlinked with multiple encyclopedias. This means that you can lookup pretty much any topic and get the best possible information about it which has been gathered from all the major encyclopedias, all this while you’re on the go. I personally had no issues with any of my local as well as global queries for various landmarks, events and famous people. Best of all, while you search for a specific topic, it further links your results to related content which builds even more interest in your research. And if you like some topic or article, simply add it to your in-app favorites for direct access later!

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In short, the app is definitely worth $0.99 and since its a universal binary, it looks perfect on both smaller and larger screens of iPhone and the iPad.

Download Hyper Facts For iPhone / iPad and iPad [Direct Link]

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