Apple iCloud+ expands storage options with 6 TB and 12 TB tiers

In a surprising twist during Apple’s recent “Wonderlust,” event, the tech giant slipped in a game-changing update to its iCloud+ subscription plans. While the spotlight was primarily on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple quietly revealed two substantial additions to its cloud storage offerings: 6 TB and a whopping 12 TB storage tiers.


Apple expands storage options for iCloud+ to cater to content creators

These new storage options cater to a niche but significant audience, especially among photographers and filmmakers. With the latest iPhone 15 boasting significant camera upgrades, creators can now capture even more high-quality photos and videos. The expanded storage options provide a seamless solution for professionals and enthusiasts who require extensive space for their media content.

The audience’s reaction spoke volumes about the demand for these storage tiers. Marques Brownlee’s tweet echoed the sentiment with “I am not lying when I say the new iCloud storage plans just got the loudest real applause in the theater today.” It’s clear that many users were eagerly awaiting expanded iCloud storage options.

Pricing comparison

Apple’s pricing for these new tiers falls in line with their existing structure. While exact pricing details weren’t revealed, we can make educated guesses based on the current rates. The 6 TB and 12 TB subscriptions are likely to cost around $30 and $60 per month, respectively. Comparatively, Google’s offerings for 5 TB and 10 TB storage come in at $24.99 and $49.99 per month, making Apple’s options competitive.

These additions may come at a premium price, but they offer a much-needed solution for users who have outgrown their previous maximum 4 TB allocation. 

Family sharing and privacy features

Just like other iCloud+ plans, these new tiers support Family Sharing, allowing you to share substantial storage with up to six family members. Additionally, subscribers retain access to existing privacy features like Hide My Email and Private Relay, enhancing their overall digital security.

Apple One integration

While it’s not yet clear whether the new storage tiers can be combined with Apple One Premier subscriptions, this could potentially yield a colossal 14 TB storage allocation, appealing to power users and those with extensive storage needs.


Apple enthusiasts won’t have to wait long to access these larger storage tiers. Starting on September 18, 2023, users can subscribe to the 6 TB and 12 TB iCloud+ plans.

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