iLife ’11 Officially Announced – Here’s all you need to know

Today, Apple officially announced the new version of iLife which is iLife ‘11 in their “Back to Mac” special event. iLife ‘11 has enhanced versions of its already available apps but does not have any new apps unlike rumored. Apple has changed tweaked the UI of the apps a bit in the latest version of iLife and it looks like these apps are inspired by iOS now. iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand were demoed at the event today.


iPhoto 11

Apple first demonstrated new features of iPhoto ‘11 after announcing iLife ‘11 in today’s event. iPhoto has some new great enhancements and its new full screen mode clearly has an iOS look and feel. Some of its new features are:

iPhoto 11

  • New full screen mode all over the app which makes it look like an iPad app
  • New and better Facebook integration. There’s also a stream showing recent activity in iPhoto that seems Facebook inspired.
  • It allows users to email photos very easily. Again it’s very iPad-like, with popovers and a pop-up email window inside of iPhoto, like an iPad app would.
  • Amazing new slideshows, like a new location-oriented one that goes full screen (pictured up top).
  • New books


Steve Jobs mentioned during the event that many of their users had requested Apple to provide better audio editing in the new version of iMovie. So, the new iMovie 11 has better audio editing features amongst many others.

iMovie 11_2

  • All-new audio editing. It shows audio waveforms overlayed on top of clips, with built-in adjustment controls. Watch out Final Cut
  • One-step effects: You can very easily apply effects
  • Create your own trailer. This is pretty amazing. You define and outline the footage and info, using a storyboard, then it automatically creates a damn good-looking trailer, with cutting effects and even a studio logo. Music even originally made by an Abbey Road studio.
  • A people finder


Just like the updated version of iPhoto and iMovie, the new GarageBand also has a few new features. Apple has addedL

  • FlexTime
  • Groove Matching
  • More guitar and amp effects
  • New piano and guitar lessons,
  • A “How Did I Play” feature in the guitar lessons

iLife ‘11 is available starting today. It will be free for those who buy new Macs and those who upgrade from previous iLife versions to the latest version they would have to pay $49.

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