I’m a PC and an Artist. Sheila gets an HP HDX for $2000

Microsoft delivers yet another Laptop Hunters ad, and this time Sheila is looking for a laptop with enough power to handle moviemaking. She finds the best Macbook Pro for $2000 but she finds it lame since it only comes with 2GB of RAM. She then finds a widescreen HP HDX 16t which perfectly fits her needs. She lives happily ever after.

Seriously Apple, selling machines with movie editing software with only 2 GB of RAM? Microsoft is really hitting at the right spots.

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  1. She is a PC and she is pretty damn ugly!

    Also I don’t see anywhere Microsoft advertising their OS which is the actual thing, they are showing-off hardware which comes from HP not Microsoft.

    1. and you fail to recognize that Microsoft does that on purpose. In fact, making a general software that works on any hardware is tougher (read Microsoft) than developing software that will work only on your hardware (read apple). I would say Microsoft is doing a finer job than apple!…..

  2. Hmmm well I think the point isn’t that she’s ugly and the point isn’t Microsoft advertising there OS either. The point is she didn’t like the Mac because the Mac infact had 2gb of RAM. That’s the point. And the other point is she found a laptop that she likes=)

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  4. They’re purposely doing that because by selling a PC, they’re pretty much selling Windows. And they remind users PCs are powered by Windows by mentioning Windows without walls at the end.

    I think they don’t pick spectacular looking actors on purpose as well since not everyone is spectacular looking

  5. 5 years ago, I took 2 hrs of timelapse film footage, transfered to MiniDV footage and cut a 10 minute time-lapse film on an ibook G3 with 256MB of RAM. Right now, I shoot HD, on a weekly basis, with a panasonic HVX200 and use a G4 powerbook with 1GB of RAM to ingest, log and capture my footage. If you really want to get into cutting HD, you need a multiprocessor tower. I can tell you that almost all the post houses I go to use Apples. It’s nice to say that Sheila is a “filmmaker”. Then again, everyone posting to youtube is a “filmmaker”. Sheila sure is gonna need those gigs of RAM for her Windows OS – especially when she needs to output everything to Quicktimes animation codec (cross-compatible between win/Mac) so that the rest of the industry can help her finish her films on Macs. I’m not trying to be a fanboy. I just don’t like strawman arguments.

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