In his memoir, Micheal Dell says key to winning is not being afraid of risks

A pioneer, the founder and CEO of Dell, Micheal Dell recently published his memoir “Play Nice but Win: A CEO’s Journey from Founder to Leader”, to share his life experiences and advice to a meaningful professional career. As a go-getter working against the odds, he hopes for his readers to comprehend that it’s important to overpower fear for things or pursuits they are passionate about. In an interview with CNET, he said, “I want people to have a real sense for the importance of taking risks — and don’t feel like you’ve got to follow every rule that’s out there.”

Micheal Dell

Micheal Dell recalls his struggle, late friend Steve Jobs and the recipe for winning in his memoir

Starting a business from his college dorm room, Micheal Dell was able to establish one of the world’s leading companies of PCs. And he accredits his success to his passion for computers and being unafraid of taking risks. He said:

“I have this deep-seated belief that a lot of people don’t realize their full potential because they’re too afraid to fail and too afraid to make mistakes. There’s so many ups and downs and twists and turns. In the first couple of years of business [we] could have failed at least 10 times, with all sorts of things that were going on. But that’s reality, and that’s how I think great businesses are built.”

Recalling his battle for power with investor Carl Icahn, he met his opponent over dinner to judge where Icahn stood and what he planned, a risky move that had to be taken for the sake of his company.

Micheal Dell also shares the details of his friendship with legendary Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. He admires Jobs for his curiosity to look for solutions no one else has and create something spectacular. He also mentioned the deal which never took place but had the potential to change tech history.

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