Apple described the design of new M1X MacBook Pro’s notch in a patent filed in 2019

A last-minute leak before Apple unveils the new M1X MacBook Pro models at the “Unleashed” event claims that laptops will feature a notch without FaceID support. Although this rumor has not been corroborated by many sources, the notch design of the MacBook appeared in a patent filed by Apple in 2019.

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office granted the company “Electronic Device Display With Extended Active Area” patent, which describes a notch area on a computer’s display. Our @Imran Hussain notes that in the crash stack of Safari technology preview, the company mentions of “safe area” for the content which was firstly available on iPhone X when the company introduced the notch design in iPhones.

M1X MacBook Pro

The new M1X MacBook Pro notch might house a speaker, camera, light sensor, and more

As per the filing, an active area will be placed along a border will be concealed with a black “inactive” layer. The active area, presumably the notch, will house components like a FaceTime camera, speaker, and other components.

An electronic device may be provided with a display. The display may be formed from liquid crystal display pixels, organic light-emitting diode pixels, or other pixels. The display may have an active area that is bordered along at least one edge by an inactive area. The active area contains pixels and displays images. The inactive area does not contain any pixels and does not display images. The inactive area may have a layer of black ink or other masking material to block internal components from view.

The active area may have an opening that contains an isolated portion of the inactive area or may contain a recess into which a portion of the inactive area protrudes. An electrical component such as a speaker, camera, light-emitting diode, light sensor, or other electrical device may be mounted in the inactive area in the recess or opening of the active area.

M1X MacBook Pro

An alleged photo of the new M1X MacBook Pro with a notch was shared on Weibo. Other reports claim that the new laptops will feature a mini-LED display, 1080p webcam, no Touch Bar, Touch ID support, SD-card slot and HDMI port, 3.5mm headphone jack, MagSafe support, and more.

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