30 percent of current users looking to upgrade to new M1X MacBook Pro models

Almost 30 percent of current MacBook Pro users will be upgrading to the new M1X MacBook Pro models as soon as it is announced at Apple’s Unleashed event next week.

Apple M1x chip MacBook Pro

M1X MacBook Pro likely to sell like hot cakes

This statistic has been revealed in a new report by Wedbush, in which analyst Daniel Ives says that a lot of power users are anticipating the announcement for Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro models.

The proprietary M1X processor is the foundational part of this MacBook and ultimately we believe will be a game changer that will convert 30%+ of current MacBook users to upgrade over the next year catalyzing growth on this hardware segment.

Users are not only waiting for new powerful M1X Apple Silicon chips but also the return of essential features that were removed in the current MacBook Pro starting from 2016. These features include an HDMI port, MagSafe, SD-card slot, and more.

The star of the show at the event will be the new M1X- powered MacBook Pros with 14-inch and 16-inch models. The new MacBook Pros are expected to feature a mini-LED display, an HDMI port, MagSafe for charging, among other new feature.

The report also confirms what we have been sharing from other sources regarding a new ‘Pro’ Mac mini model. It is expected to feature a powerful new M1X chip available in 16 or 32 graphics core configurations, and up to 64GB RAM.

We also expect a new Mac mini with specs very similar to the M1X MacBook Pro to be released with 16 or 32 graphics core and up to 64GB RAM.

Despite the major chip shortage that the world is facing due to the pandemic, Apple is expecting to see huge demand for its new workstation-class MacBook Pro models, which will also be the first Macs to feature mini-LED displays in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. Recent rumors suggest that Apple could also include 120Hz ProMotion displays in the new MacBook Pro models, alongside a notch that would contain a 1080p camera but no Face ID.

The report also touches upon AirPods 3 and their possible announcement during the Unleashed event. AirPods 3 are ready to launch and ship, and if they are announced on Monday, Apple could ship 100 million units in time for this holiday season.

The AirPods 3 design will follow the Pro AirPods version and have shorter stems than its predecessor with new silicon ear tips and improved battery life. We believe in 2022 based on refresh rates and the new design around AirPods 3 that Apple could ship close to 100 million AirPod units if this product officially launches on Monday and hits shelves/websites in time for holiday season.

AirPods could represent more than 5% of Apple’s revenues for 2022, and the product category is dominated by the company, despite severe competition from other companies as well as countless clones that are available in the market. The report suggests that the new AirPods 3 could be priced at $185.

Apple’s Unleashed event will take place on Monday, October 18, 10 am PT. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest coverage from the event.

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