Redesigned M1X MacBook Pro might come with a notch but no Face ID – Leak

Just a few days away from Apple’s upcoming ‘Unleashed’ event, new leaks share more details of the M1X MacBook Pro models’ design and features. They also reconfirm existing rumors.

Most interestingly, @NickXiao claims that Apple has introduced a notch on the new laptop models but without support for FaceID. He also says that thousands of units have been shipped to the U.S. from China which confirms that the October 18 event is indeed an M1X MacBook Pro launch event.

m1x macbook pro

New leak claims M1X MacBook Pro will come with a notch, redesigned keyboard area, Touch ID, and more

First and foremost, here are the alleged features of the new display and its design. The leaker says that like iPhones, the new M1X MacBook Pro will also come with a notch but without Face ID authentication. Apple will feature wallpapers with dark areas on top to conceal the notch and make it less noticeable.

I’ve got a guesstimate about the notch. Recall the screen resolution leaks, which came directly from Apple’s macOS beta files: 3456 by 2234 and 3024 by 1964. Subtract 74 from the height of both of them, and you get a perfect 16:10 display just like all the MacBooks on shelf right now. That 74 is probably the height of the notch in terms of pixels. It all sounds so in accordance with the supply chain leaks.

Furthermore, four borders of the display will not be of equal width like the new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models, instead, the lower border of the display will be thicker than the others. Probably like the big chin of the 24-inch M1 iMac. The leaker re-confirms older reports of the mini-LED display, 1080p webcam, TrueTone sensors, and the placement of the ‘MacBook Pro’ logo on the bottom of the screen. Referring to the 120Hz ProMotion display claim, he said that his sources did not confirm those specs.

Moving on, the new keyboard area will be all black as opposed to only the keys. As reported before, Apple has removed the Touch Bar but the Touch ID sensor with support of backlight like the rest of the keys.

m1x macbook pro

Xiao also states that Apple has brought back support for MagSafe, HDMI, and SD card slot in the new M1X MacBook Pro.

2 Thunderbolts and a 3.5mm audio jack; the right side presents HDMI, one Thunderbolt, and an SD card slot. In total, you lose one Thunderbolt and gain 3 differing ones. Don’t worry, you can still charge these Macs on either side with USB-C.

Leaker clarifies that the information is obtained from supply chain and social media sources in China. As the same features were shared by different sources, Xiao believes that they came from legitimate sources and are authentic leaks. Having said that, there is still no information on the color options and price of the expected M1X MacBook Pro models.

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