Inbox by Gmail Opens Up To Everyone – Gains New Features for Web and Apps

Inbox by Gmail has finally been opened up for all Gmail users, along with getting a bunch of much needed updated and features. It was already rolling out to selected Google Apps for Work users via early adopter program but the opening up to public means that Inbox is finally a product worthy of daily usage, as considered by Google.

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Starting today, you can use your current Gmail address and head over to and start using the new updated release. You would not have to migrate your emails or anything as Google automatically sets up the email and shares it between Gmail and Inbox accounts, so you can switch back and forth if you need to. Think of it as different interfaces for the same email inbox.

Here is the list of new features Google has rolled out today for Inbox by Gmail:

  • Trip Bundles – Google bundles all emails for a trip together automatically, effectively creating an itinerary with flight times and hotel reservation details.
  • Undo Send – A very useful feature from Gmail finally makes it way to Inbox.
  • Swipe to Delete – option to make delete as a default option on swipe
  • Custom Signatures – a pretty basic feature for any email service
  • Ability to create Reminder in Google Keep, right from within the app or website
  • Inbox will suggest a reminder if someone emails a to-do
  • Open reservations and food orders from within the Inbox by Gmail app, available for selected apps

Basically, the more Google is able to scan your emails, the better it gets on performing certain actions and providing innovative and intelligent capabilities for your email. This is the gist of Inbox by Gmail and while it may sound creepy to some, it is extremely smart.

The updates are rolling out today to the website as well as the Android and iOS versions.

Download Inbox by Gmail for Android

Download Inbox by Gmail for iOS


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