Instagram’s Reels gets a boost with new features and enhanced metrics

Instagram has been making a lot of efforts to compete with TikTok when it comes to short videos. And now, Instagram has announced multiple new features for its Reels platform in an attempt to make it more attractive to creators.

Instagram reels

How Instagram is competing with TikTok with its Reels platform

First of all, Instagram has made it easier to find out what’s trending on Reels. Creators can now find a new section with top trending hashtags and songs, allowing them to create Reels about what other people really want to see. This new feature is called the “trends destination,” and it provides valuable insights that creators can use to create more engaging content.

In addition, Instagram has revamped the Reels editor, making it easier to align and time elements at the right time in a more visual way. This is a big improvement from the previous editor, which was more difficult to use and had fewer features.

The metrics for Reels are now also more detailed, with information about total watch time and average watch time. These metrics can be accessed directly from your Reels, providing valuable insights into how your content is performing. For example, if your average watch time is low, you may need to create a stronger hook to have viewers stay longer.

Instagram is also expanding the Gifts feature, which lets fans support their creators with money, to more countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK. This is great news for creators who rely on their followers to support their work.

Finally, Instagram is also notifying creators when they get new followers because of Reels. This is a useful feature that helps creators keep track of their growth and engagement on the platform.

Overall, these new features are a big improvement for Reels and should make it more attractive to creators who are looking for ways to create engaging content on the platform. Instagram is clearly committed to competing with TikTok, and these new features show that they are willing to invest in their platform to make it more attractive to creators and users alike. We can expect to see more updates and improvements from Instagram in the coming weeks and months as they continue to iterate and improve their platform.

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