How To Install Any LINUX Distro On Jailbroken PlayStation 3 Including Firmware 3.55

In the light of recent breakthroughs made by hacker Graf-chokolo, it is now possible to get any LINUX distro up and running on your jailbroken PS3. Some great new booting advancements have eventually made the installation of Linux possible once again on the PlayStation 3 system since it was pulled off by Sony over a year ago. In fact, it is quite simple to install any Linux distribution on your PS3 console running firmware 3.55 or earlier including custom firmwares (e.g kmeaw 3.55). A simple guide has been made available which would help you in quickly installing any Linux distro on your PlayStation 3.

Thanks to George234 for the tutorial which you can findĀ here.

Not many remember that when PlayStation 3 was launched, Sony officially supported the installation of other operating systems by default. Due to reasons are only best known to them, they removed this functionality in later updates to the console. This caused an outrage among the uber-geek PlayStation 3 owners although a large number of consumers were moved at all by this decision. Let’s be honest – if you want to use Linux, why not just build your own custom PC as well?

If you ask us, we would recommend that you stay with the default OS that ships with PlayStation 3 as installing Linux, although fun, would only last a short while.

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