iOS 13.6 reveals that Apple News app will save last reading position

Apple released iOS 13.6 beta 2 and iPadOS 13.6 beta 2 a few days. Initially, the new beta updates were rolled out to developers and then to the public. Since then, new features and functionalities are discovered in the new operating system’s beta version. Recently, it has been found that iOS 13.6 beta 2 has a smarter UI for the Apple News app, which will save the reader’s last reading position of an article.

As a reader progresses through an article, the device will automatically mark the reader’s position at the time of closing the application and when the person resumes reading the same article, the app will open the same exact section of the article where the reader left it. As iOS and iPadOS have the same build, the feature will be available on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13.6

The new functionality is designed to save time and deliver convenience to the reader by eliminating the steps to search for the remaining part of an article or news. This feature will surely be very useful in reading longer articles, which tend to take a longer sitting to finish.

As a reader, I will personally like this feature to be like the Book app. So, the device remembers where the reader left and resumes from the same spot without spending time in search for the position.

It is further reported that in order for the device to mark the reader’s article’s position, the reader must spend at least 30 seconds on it. If the person closes an article or the application before 30 seconds, his/her reading position will not be saved.

iOS 13.6 updates

There are reports of other new useful features in iOS 13.6 beta 2 update. A new Apple News +Audio feature is available on iOS 13.6 beta 2, which will enable users to listen to some news pieces on the News app. A new ‘symptoms’ section is found in the Health app which will allow users to list down all symptoms experienced during illnesses or prevailing medical conditions. The symptoms catalog will allow users to track and monitor the progression of their health. New customization for automatic updates section is present to give control to users whether to disable or enable automatic download and install of software updates. Read the new features in detail here.

iOS 13.6

Apple News has recently gained an impressive number of subscribers in the COVID-19 pandemic because of the need for reliable news sources for accurate and verified information. New improvements of the application by Apple show its efforts wants to attract more subscribers and grow.

Currently, Apple offers two news services, Apple News app for free and Apple News+ for $9.99/month with a vast variety of Newspapers and Magazines. Read the subscription plan in detail here.

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