iOS 14 overtakes iOS 13 as the most used iOS version in just 1.5 months

In just 1.5 months since its public release, iOS 14 has overtaken iOS 13 as the most used iOS version out there. This is in stark contrast to Android, where the latest version takes many years to become the most used one.

This new data comes from Mixpanel’s iOS 14 adoption report where it has been tracking data points fromĀ 884,110,992,945 records, at the time of writing. From its peak of 90%, iOS 13 userbase has steadily declined even before iOS 14’s public release. This shows that a chunk of users had already jumped ship during the public beta testing period.

iOS 14

iOS 14 overtakes iOS 13 usage

As per the latest report, iOS 13 has 45.96% share of the userbase, while iOS 14 has 46.74% share. This data consists of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so iPadOS is also part of the numbers.

iOS 14 usage

Despite surpassing its predecessor in such a short amount of time, iOS 14 adoption has been slightly behind iOS 13, which took less than a month to surpass iOS 12. This is surprising, considering the rocky roll-out that iOS 13 had, and the much-awaited features in iOS 14, such as home-screen customization and widgets.

If we look at other sources, such as Statcounter, it paints a very different picture. It shows iOS 14 usage at just 9.87%, which is shockingly low when you consider that Apple rolls out its software updates for all compatible devices at the same time, globally. The list of compatible devices for iOS 14 is the same as iOS 13, so this low adoption number seems highly unlikely.

Apple also updates its iOS usage numbers on its App Store page for developers, but the stats were last updated on June 17, 2020. These numbers would be a lot more accurate than the numbers provided by third-party sources. In either case, if you are an iOS developer, you have every reason to ensure that your app takes advantage of the latest features that iOS 14 offers.

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