iOS 15.4 features a ‘Cosmetic Scan’ trade-in tool for iPhone

iOS 15.4 shows that Apple is developing a new trade-in tool that can be used to scan an iPhone for cosmetic damage. It is likely going to be used via the camera to take photos of an iPhone, allowing any defects to be reviewed before a trade-in value is estimated.

However, this is all speculation as only references to the tool have been found so far in iOS 15.4’s Diagnostic section.

iOS 15.4 iPhone trade-in cosmetic scan

iOS 15.4 features a new tool that might use images of an iPhone to estimate trade-in value

As discovered by Steve Moser, there are strings found in the Diagnostics section which refer to Cosmetic Scan and QR Code. It is unclear how these two would work together but the references to these strings are found in the same section which means that there would be some link between them.

The use of the camera to scan an iPhone for physical defects before trade-in makes a lot of sense. Filling out a form could not be as accurate so the photos sent to Apple, or a trade-in partner, might allow for a more accurate review and cost estimation which in return would help the customer make a decision before sending out the iPhone or going to an Apple Store.

Apple just released the first beta for iOS 15.4 and there is a possibility that this feature may see several changes and updates before releasing to the public.

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