Here are easy fixes to common iOS 15 issues and problems

Like all software updates, Apple’s latest iOS 15 update also has its share of issues and problems. But that should not keep users from updating to the latest version because it offers several new features like Live Text, Spatial audio support for FaceTime calls, immersive Apple Maps, improved Siri, Focus mode, and much more.

Luckily, some problems have easy solutions. We have listed 5 common iOS 15 issues and problems and their solutions.

iOS 15

Five fixes for five iOS 15 common issues and problems

iOS 15 installation fail

When users try to install the update immediately after its release, the installation might fail because of the influx of traffic.

A little patience can resolve the issue. If this happens to you, wait for a few hours or a day or two before attempting the second installation.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

If you are unable to connect to your AirPods, HomePod, car audio, and other Bluetooth devices after installing iOS 15 on your iPhone, then simply restart your smartphone or turn Bluetooth off and on again to refresh it.

Wi-Fi connectivity problem

If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you can try two things:

  1. Hard reset or force reboot the iPhone.
  2. Reset the network settings in the Settings app. Settings > General > Resent > Reset Network Settings.

Battery drain problem

Some users may experience that their iPhone battery drains faster after installing the iOS 15 update. Video streaming, gaming, cellular network, battery health, and others may be causing the issue. Although it is difficult to point out what exactly causes the battery to drain faster, there are tips to prevent it.

  1. Restart you iPhone
  2. Disable background app refresh
  3. Use dark mode
  4. Disable location service
  5. Use low power mode
  6. Adjust 5G settings

Click here to read our comprehensive guide to help you through the battery drain issue on iOS 15.

Crashing apps

If an app or apps are crashing after installing the latest update, make sure to update your apps via the App Store or delete and reinstall the app.

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