iOS 17 features ping my watch, undo passcode changes and Cinematic APIs for third-party apps

iOS 17 is packed with new changes, some of which Apple discussed and some were left for the users to discover. As the first developer beta of iOS 17 is out, we have the opportunity to discover the unannounced features as well.

Three new features in iOS 17 are the ability to ping an Apple Watch for an iPhone, Undo Passcode changes with a set grace period, and the ability to play and edit cinematic videos in third-party apps.

iOS 17

iOS 17 deepens integration with watchOS and third-party apps

Cinematic API for third-party apps

Apple updated the Camera app with a professional video recording feature “Cinematic mode” in iPhone 13 series inspired by Hollywood movies. The framework allows users to record videos with a shallow depth effect with automatic focus changes and add professional-level playback and editing features to their videos to change the aperture and focus distance to create a bokeh effect after recording them.

With the new Cinematic API available to developers, users will be able to record, playback, and edit Cinematic videos in third-party apps in iOS 17.

iOS 16- cinematic mode

iPhone users can add a new tile in the Control Center to ping their Apple Watch in iOS 17

Apple Watch users can ping their iPhone from the smartwatch’s Control Center to find it. 

Now, Apple has deepened the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch in iOS 17. Users can add a tile in iPhone’s Control Center to ping an Apple Watch. The feature works when the Apple Watch is locked, unlocked, charging, or stuck inside the couch.

However, both devices need to be connected and be in Bluetooth range for the feature to work, and for longer distances, users will need to use the Find My app to locate the misplaced Apple Watch.

Users can undo passcode changes within 72 hours in iOS 17

Sometimes, users can forget the new passcode shortly after changing it which is very troublesome because without a passcode users can not unlock their iPhones and need to use the Apple ID and password to erase and reset the device to unlock it.

Luckily, Apple has introduced a new fix for such situations. In iOS 17, users have the option to use their old passcode after setting a new one within 72 hours grace period. The grace period provides them a three-day window to undo the latest passcode changes.

How the new undo passcode change works

It appears that iOS 17 saves the user’s previous or last used passcode to undo the passcode changes.

If you have forgotten the recently reset passcode, and have entered an incorrect passcode. Then follow the listed steps:

  1. Tap the new “Forget passcode” option in the alert prompt.
  2. Select the option to gain access to the iPhone via the previous passcode.

Furthermore, there is also a new option in the Face ID and Passcode menu in the Settings app to “Expire Previous Passcode Now” for those who do not wish to keep their old passcode.

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