iOS 18 to offer Dark Mode for Home Screen app icons, app locking and more

With 24 hours to go to the WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10, exciting details about iOS 18 have surfaced. This major update promises to extend Dark Mode to the Home Screen app icons and introduce an innovative app locking feature, among other improvements.


Introduced in iOS 13, Dark Mode has been a popular feature among iPhone users, providing a darker color palette for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially in low-light environments. Until now, Dark Mode primarily affected the iPhone’s dock, folders, and built-in Apple apps. With iOS 18, Apple is taking this feature a step further by extending Dark Mode to Home Screen app icons.

According to multiple sources, when Dark Mode is activated, app icons for built-in Apple apps will automatically adopt a dark or black tint. This enhancement aims to provide a more cohesive and immersive Dark Mode experience, seamlessly blending app icons with the dark-themed wallpaper. Initially, this feature will be limited to Apple’s native apps, but there are indications that an API might be available for third-party developers to integrate similar functionality into their apps.

Another exciting feature related to icon customization is the ability to change app icon colors. This option will allow users to personalize their Home Screen to reflect their style and preferences better. This customization is expected to tie in with the expanded Dark Mode, enabling users to create a visually harmonious interface.

Security enhancements are always a highlight of new iOS updates, and iOS 18 is no exception. One of the standout features is the ability to lock individual apps using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. This functionality provides an extra layer of security for sensitive apps, ensuring that even if someone gains access to your unlocked phone, they won’t be able to open locked apps without additional authentication.

Face ID iOS

Currently, iPhone users can lock certain apps through workarounds like the Shortcuts app or within specific apps like Notes and WhatsApp. However, iOS 18 will integrate this capability directly into the operating system, making it more convenient and widely available across built-in Apple apps. While the feature will initially be limited to Apple’s apps, it has the potential to extend to third-party apps in the future.

iOS 18 is not just about Dark Mode and security; it’s also set to introduce a plethora of AI-powered features under the banner of Apple Intelligence. Expect significant upgrades to Siri, enhanced machine learning capabilities in the Mail app, new text effects in Messages, and AI-driven tools in Photos and Notes.

For example, the Mail app will automatically classify emails based on their content, making it easier to manage your inbox. The Notes app will offer in-app audio recording, transcription, and summarization, leveraging large language models to enhance productivity. The Photos app will get AI-powered editing features like the Clean Up tool, which can remove unwanted objects from images.

(via MacRumors)

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