iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5 will automatically send medical info to emergency respondents

Beta testing is underway for Apple’s new iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5 updates. Amongst other features, these updates are intended to alert emergency services by sharing Medical IDs with first responders.

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming crucial to respond timely to patients. The new features are intended to make a significant impact globally in health systems by saving lives.

New Features in iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5

In cases of emergencies, in which the user is non-responsive, their Medical ID can be accessed by holding the side button on their Apple Watch or from the Lock Screen of their iPhone, without putting in a passcode. Paramedics can easily go through all the necessary medical info such as blood type, allergies, medical conditions, and much more in such cases of emergency.

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Another feature that Apple Watch and iPhones support is Emergency SOS. When you press and hold the side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch, it automatically calls emergency services and also notifies emergency contacts.

How will they save lives?

If the user is unconscious, first responders can alert local emergency services by holding the side button on iPhones or Apple Watches. The user’s Medical ID information will automatically be shared with emergency services, if the user had enabled it on their device. Apple will merge Medical ID and Emergency SOS features in its upcoming iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5 updates.

These updates can save lives because of their efficiency and speed. Responders and paramedics can quickly and easily access relevant information about the patient. Furthermore, all Medical ID data is safely encrypted, stored privately on the devices. The company is relying on Enhanced Emergency Data to securely share relevant medical information with paramedics.

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These new features in iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5 are sure to help people stuck in medical situations which may require the patient’s medical history. Once they are available on iPhone and Apple Watch, they will be helpful in saving lives with prompt medical responses in emergency situations.

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