Several owners complain that new iPad Air 5 has poor build quality

Customers have started to receive their new iPad Air 5 orders and some are not happy with the built quality of the new 10.9-inch model. A Redditor shared that the “iPad Air 2022 unibody quality worse than iPad Air 2020” and several others agreed with the feedback.

The 2022 iPad Air model is Apple’s fourth tablet to be upgraded to the powerful M1 chip, along with iPad Pro (12.9-inch and 11-inch) and iPad mini 6 models. It supports a 5G network, is equipped with a 12MP Ultra-Wide front camera with Center Stage, Touch ID,  and other features. Starting from $599, it is available in blue, purple, starlight, space grey, and pink color options.

iPad Air 5

Apple says the creaking sound made by iPad Air 5’s thin backplate is normal behavior

@u/mezzox33142 wrote that they ordered two iPad Air 5 in blue and the aluminum backplate of both tablets have a thin creaking backplate and complained that the quality is worse than iPad Air 4 (2020).

I ordered and received two blue iPad Air 2022 today and I’m a bit shocked. The aluminium backplate is a lot thinner than on the iPad 4 which I also have. You can almost feel the battery through the plate when you hold the device. Both iPads have the same feeling and are making creaking noises when you hold them. This did not happen on the iPad Air 4. Both are going back but is it just me? I also asked a second person and she felt it too.

iPad Air 5

Another user on Reddit, @thisguyrob shared that when he raised the thin creaking backplate concern with Apple support, he was told that it is normal behavior for the thin backplate to make a creaking sound and AppleCare will take cover any damages to the internals. 

Not op but here is mine doing it:

Edit: spoke to a genius yesterday. This is normal behavior. When I told him I was concerned about damage to the battery or logic board, he told me “well, that’s why you get AppleCare”

In the first impression of reviews of the new iPad Air 5, reviewers highlighted that it was not fully optimized for iPadOS, Center Stage has wiggle issues, and other concerns. But none of them complained about the downgraded quality of its backplate.

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