iPad mini 6 owner complains of LCD distortion and discoloration issues

The new iPad mini 6 was recently launched at the September 14 event, and owners have started with receive their new tablets. But the tablet appears to have an LCD clearance issue. Reddit user @Aromatic-Coat5459 shared that if one pushes on the iPad mini 6’s screen in a vertical orientation, one would see distortion and discoloration on the top of the LCD. The iPad mini 6 comes with an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display (LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology).

iPad mini 6

As the majority of iPad mini 6 models have an LCD clearance issue, the tablet needs a recall

As detailed by the affected owner, the first tablet he ordered, the replacement piece, and all of the other display models had the same LCD clearance issue. Therefore, the Genius technician told him to keep his eye out for a real. He wrote:

I got my 64gb Wi-Fi iPad Mini 6 just about a week ago and noticed that there seems to be an LCD clearance issue – if your put your mini in vertical orientation (with the power button on the top right) push very lightly on the screen and you will see distortion and discoloration about an inch down and in from the top right. On most models this will happen in three spots along the top of the display (when vertical). I tested it alongside a Genius Technician and he ordered a replacement. A week later (today) the replacement had the same issue but worse, I ended up just keeping my original! The Genius this time tested all the other display models and found the same issue (tip: it’s much more prominent on a dark screen, go into dark mode and Open notes for example). He was very surprised and mentioned that I should keep my eye out for a recall — he said he wouldn’t be surprised if there is one.

Based on his experience as an unauthorized screens and batteries repair service provider, @Aromatic-Coat5459 explains that such a display issue occurs when a ribbon cable isn’t folded correctly and pushes up on the LCD screen.

iPad mini 6

He also shared how other iPad mini 6 owners can try to see the LCD clearance issue themselves.

Put it in dark mode and open Apple notes with a new blank note (so you can see it more clearly). Make sure you are in vertical orientation with the power button on the top right (just so we are all talking about the same area of the screen) and *very lightly push on the screen and you will find large discoloration and distortion on one particular spot about an inch down and to the left from the top right corner. This IS NOT discoloration from pushing to hard which would show up under where your finger is pressing. This, instead, seems to be a clearance issue between the housing elements and the LCD. You can move your pressure around the affected area within a radius of about three inches and the LCD will still show discoloration in the SAME spot.

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