New report further confirms iPhone 12 mini production cuts

Yet another new report suggests that iPhone 12 mini production is facing further cuts due to reduced demand in the United States and Europe. Both of these are major markets, so any production cuts for them provide a clear indication of the sales performance of iPhone 12 mini.

We had previously reported that Apple is increasing iPhone 12 Pro production while reducing iPhone 12 mini’s production, and Digitimes’ new report corroborates this. CIRP also reported that iPhone 12 mini sales are lagging behind other models. Even Flurry Analytics’ data showed that iPhone 12 mini was the least popular launch week iPhone model in the past three years.

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New reports continue to indicate poor iPhone 12 mini demand

Pegatron, one of Apple’s manufacturers that assembles iPhones, has seen a slowdown in orders for iPhone 12 mini, chalking it up to reduced demand in the United States and Europe due to COVID-19 pandemic. Digitimes report says;

Weaker-than-expected sales for the iPhone 12 mini in the US and Europe reportedly has prompted Apple to have its manufacturing partner, Pegatron, reduce production for the smartphone model.

Pegatron has seen a slowdown in orders for the iPhone 12 mini as sales of the model in the US and Europe are affected negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to industry sources.

It is a bit odd that iPhone 12 mini’s reduced demand is attributed to the pandemic. As a cheaper smartphone, its demand should actually have increased in a time when people are more concerned about their spending habits. None of the other iPhone 12 are facing any issues with demand.

iPhone 12 Pro Max was actually the best selling iPhone in the United States during December 2020, despite being the most expensive model in the line-up.

Apple is expected to stick to the same line-up, and screen sizes, for its upcoming iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 line-up for 2021. It will be interesting to see if and how Apple tries to boost sales for the smaller model. For now, Apple would be happy to be selling any of the four iPhone 12 models, as the sales would be instrumental in the company’s first-ever $100 billion quarterly revenue, despite a pandemic year.

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