iPhone 12 mini sales disappoint while other models take lead

As per a new report, iPhone 12 mini sales have been lagging behind other iPhone 12 models, including the more expensive Pro and Pro Max variants. Although iPhone 12 mini is the cheapest smartphone in Apple’s line-up and does not cut any corners, it has not been popular with customers, when compared to its siblings.

iPhone 12 has been doing really well and the complete line-up has already been accounting for three-quarters of iPhone sales since its launch. The regular iPhone 12 has proven to be the most popular model in the United States, with 27% share of sales, followed by iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, gaining 20% share of sales each. iPhone 12 mini has just 9% share of sales, which is not as per expectations, considering its low price, but it is competing against the likes of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, both of which have selling points that give them the edge over the mini.

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini lags behind other more expensive models in sales

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has shared a report in which it breaks down the sales of iPhone 12 models in the United States. While its numbers show that iPhone 12 models are selling better than iPhone 11 last year, it also shows that the mini is lagging behind the other models.

Compared to last year’s launch of iPhone 11 models, which accounted for 69% of sales in the period after the launch, the four iPhone 12 models did even better, with 76% of sales. However, there was no clear leader among the new models, with sales evenly distributed among iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Max. In contrast, in 2019, iPhone 11 had an incredible 39% of sales, with iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max combining for only 30% of sales.

Even though iPhone 12 mini received glowing reviews for its small size, 5G support, performance, and excellent feature set, its small battery life stuck out like a sore thumb. As we have covered before, the mini has not only been the least popular iPhone during its launch week in 2020, it has also been the least popular iPhone in its first week of launch, in the past 3 years. This can be attributed to the vast range of choices that consumers have right now when they want to buy an Apple smartphone: XR, 11, SE, and iPhone 12 models. Apple is covering a broad range of price points at the moment and providing excellent value even with its older models. iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have been the most popular smartphones in the world over the past few years, and they have continued their momentum.

Another reason for the lackluster sales of iPhone 12 mini could be that people are simply voting for larger displays and batteries with their wallets. The older $499 iPhone XR and $599 iPhone 11 models outperform the $699 iPhone 12 mini in both these categories, while users who are looking for a low-cost model are opting for the $399 iPhone SE.

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