Apple execs say iPhone 13’s camera enables “everyone” to tell their story

iPhone 13 series was launched over a month ago and several new features and improvements. One of the most important is the new camera system. Across the new flagship series, Apple introduced sensor-shift optical image stabilization, cinematic mode, macro photography, and photographic styles which users didn’t know of and definitely did not know ask for.

In an exclusive interview, Apple executives explain that the inspiration behind developing new camera technology was to give everyone, not just photographers, the tool to tell their stories without being overwhelmed with technical aspects.

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The most exciting aspect of the iPhone 13 camera for Apple execs is empowering normal users to tell their stories

iPhone 13 series will be available in Brazil on Friday, October 22, and ahead of its launch, Apple’s vice president of camera software engineering, Jon McCormack, vice president of hardware engineering at camera, Graham Townsend, and iPhone product manager, Louis Dudley sat down with Exame’s Thiago Lavado for an interview to discuss the development and functionality of iPhone13’s new camera system. 

McCormack said that the concept behind the new camera technology was to give users the tools to create “great” images and movies which are used by professional photographers and cinematographers. And to deliver that the software and hardware teams worked together “to understand how to implement this through algorithms, computational processing, and equipment, whether lenses or sensors.”

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Furthermore, they reiterate that the end goal was to equip every user with the most efficient and easy-to-use tools to capture special moments and challenge their inner artist.

“We study photography, we study cinema. We understand the tools these people use in their daily work and look at why these tools exist and why they matter and what kind of experience they can bring to our consumers in a unique way,” said Dudley.

Even professionals started to adopt smartphones like the iPhone to compose their arsenal and be able to execute ideas in a more agile way. One of the features of the devices this year, the macro mode, is cited by McCormack as an example. The ability to approach an object, a plant or an insect, and take a close-up picture, without having to worry about leaving that moment in technical daydreams. “Our business is to let people have memories and tell stories of their own lives,” he said. “Professionals use our devices to work, but what excites us most are normal people telling their stories.”

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McCormack concluded that with the new iPhone 13, all users have to do is to take it out of their pocket, point it at their subject, and the new camera system does the rest. He added, “our north is the belief that everyone has a story to tell and our job is to give them the tools to tell that story”.

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