iPhone 13 series will continue the 5G supercycle that started with iPhone 12 – Analyst

Apple has introduced four more smartphones supporting the 5G network with the launch of the iPhone 13 series. Unlike Android users who have a decent range of 5G smartphone models, Apple user’s options were limited but not anymore.

Although the new iPhone 13 series has the same design language as the older iPhone 12 series, it is packed with new technology to offer even better performance and innovative features like the camera system, battery, and storage. The addition of the sensor-shift optical image stabilization across the iPhone 13 series which was only offered in the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year is one example. For these features, an analyst at GlobalData believes the new iPhone series will see massive upgrades which will boost 5G adoption.

Promotions offering low-cost purchase plans will facilitate iPhone 13 upgrades

Senior Analyst at GlobalData, Anisha Bhatia says that for the same price as iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 models offer advanced technology like a faster A15 processor and more storage. And more importantly, the new series gives Apple upgraders more 5G models to choices from, which were missing, to encourage upgrades.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 will be a boost for 5G adoption. Unlike Android, iOS users lack a strong selection of 5G devices. The iPhone 13 family is a welcome addition for consumers looking to upgrade. Rival Samsung has a robust selection of 5G phones across price tiers and is top of mind at operators that are aggressively pushing 5G services – especially in the US.

iPhone 13

Another factor that will facilitate upgrades is the promotion plans. As more Apple users are expected to upgrade to iPhone 13 with 5G support, it will continue the 5G supercycle.

“Apple devoted a chunk of time during each product announcement to talk about the sustainability of that device. Apple has pledged to be 100% carbon neutral for its supply chain and products by 2030. Apple’s iPhones are its biggest revenue generators, accounting for 40% to 50% of the company’s overall returns, and Apple has a substantial installed base waiting to upgrade. With massive promotions offering the phones for $0 to $100, the iPhone 13 will continue the 5G supercycle that started with the iPhone 12.”

Early reports from China and U.S support Bhatia’s assessment. Pre-orders of the iPhone 13 series have already crossed 2 million in China and the global chip shortage has led to acute shortages of Android smartphones in the U.S. leaving the market open for Apple domination.

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