3D-printed iPhone 14 models for accessory makers corroborate rumored design changes

A set of 3D-printed iPhone 14 models give us a closer look at whether or not iPhone 13 cases will fit the upcoming lineup. The leaked units corroborated previous reports about the design changes we can expect from the upcoming lineup like slimmer bezels, taller screens, and a larger camera bump.

 iPhone 14 3D printed models

Leaker places 3D-printed iPhone 14 models in iPhone 13 cases to verify design changes

The leaked 3D-printed models, shared by Alibaba sources to Mac Otakara, gives us some insight into how many design changes the new lineup will feature. The new models were also paired with iPhone 13 cases and screen protectors to further verify the rumored changes such as a larger camera bump and thinner display bezels.

The video shows four molds for the 6.1-inch “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 Pro,” and molds for the 6.7-inch “iPhone 14 Max” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max.” While the screen size of the iPhone 13 iPhone 14 Pro is the same as iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, cases for the old models will not be compatible with the new lineup due to the larger camera bump.

However, the iPhone 14 Max was compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max cases since the body of both devices if the same, and the 14 Max’s camera bump is smaller. As for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, its mold did fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max cases but not completely due to a larger camera bump.

 iPhone 14 3D printed models

In addition, the screen protectors for the iPhone 13 models did not align with the displays on the iPhone 14 models either since the displays appeared to be “thinner” on the dummy units. Keeping this information in mind, the tech giant is seemingly planning on increasing the body dimensions for its 6.1-inch models, but not for the 6.7-inch models. However, all four models will feature a larger camera bump.

Apple typically provides the dimensions and molds of its upcoming devices to accessory makers ahead of launch to ensure a wide variety of accessories are available following. 

The next flagship iPhone lineup is expected to launch in the fall at an Apple event. Along with larger camera bumps and slimmer bezels, the Pro variants are widely expected to feature a hole punch + pill cutout in place of a notch. The cutouts will house the Face ID sensors and selfie camera. 

It has also been reported that Apple will launch a new A16 Bionic chip this year but it will be exclusive to the Pro variants only. The lineup is also expected to feature 8GB RAM, a heavier titanium casing, and a 2TB storage variant.

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