iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to feature unified button, leaked CAD images suggest

Leaked CAD images posted on Twitter and TikTok seem to confirm rumors that the next-generation iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a unified button on the side of the device as well as a mute button.

iPhone 15 Pro Unified buttons

iPhone 15 Pro to ditch traditional buttons for a single unified button on the side of the device

Instead of two separate buttons for volume up and volume down, the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to have a single unified button for adjusting the volume up or down. Meanwhile, the mute switch is expected to be transformed into a mute button that can be pressed to turn the iPhone’s ringer on or off.

The leaked images (via @ShrimpApplePro) suggest that both the volume and mute buttons on the new iPhone models will have a solid-state design. This means that instead of physically moving, the unified button would provide haptic feedback from two additional Taptic Engines inside the iPhone to simulate the feeling of movement, similar to the Home button on the latest iPhone SE or the Force Touch trackpad on modern MacBooks.

iPhone 15 Pro Unitfied buttons

However, the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models are expected to keep the traditional design with two physical volume buttons and a mute switch. Other CAD images in the video show that these models will not feature the same unified button design as the Pro models.

While these changes to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max buttons may seem small, they represent a shift away from the traditional design of separate buttons for volume up and volume down. The new solid-state design could potentially make the buttons more durable and long-lasting, as they would no longer be prone to physical wear and tear.

In related news, tech reviewer Sonny Dickson has provided a closer look at alleged front glass panels for the iPhone 15 series. The images show that the Pro models will have thinner bezels around the display and that the Dynamic Island feature will be expanded to the standard iPhone 15 models.

Apple is expected to announce the entire iPhone 15 series in September, as usual. While the leaked CAD images and other rumors provide some insight into what consumers can expect from the new models, Apple has not confirmed any details about the iPhone 15 series. As such, it is important to take all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt until official announcements are made.

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