iPhone 3G S Video Recording Quality

iPhone 3G S Video RecordingThe biggest reason to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S is obviously its new 3-megapixel camera with video capture. The video is recorded at a good 30 fps VGA resolution. This is the perfect resolution to publish videos on Youtube. Along with the built-in video editor, and one click share via email, Mobile Me, MMS or Youtube, iPhone 3G S will really raise the bar for video recording on mobile devices. Even though Apple is really late at video recording for the iPhone, but they sure have done it in the best style.

But just how good are the videos recorded by the iPhone 3G S? As I was wondering this myself, TechCrunch posted on why the iPhone 3G S should have been called iPhone 3G V for its video recording features. Here’s a video they’ve put up that shows off the video quality:

Here’s another video that better shows off the video quality at the fast motion and camera speed.

Another video, a lengthy one, shows off the clarity and ambient audio. It also adjusts focus and exposure dynamically as the video is being recorded to ensure the best quality.

These videos prove that the iPhone 3G S is really a powerful little video capturing device, that not only gives other phones a competition but even the likes of Flip. Although the quality isn’t as good as Flip HD’s, the trimming and quick publishing is sure to make this a hit among video bloggers, citizen journalists, Youtube users, and just about everyone else who’ll get it.

What do you think of the video quality of the iPhone 3G S? Got a video to share?


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