How To Keep iPhone App Store App From Closing And Download Apps In Background

This is a big annoyance for most iPhone and iPad owners even myself that every time after searching for an app in the App Store, the moment you click the Buy button to download it, the App Store app closes at once and before the app begins to download, you return to the homescreen view. Many users would definitely agree that there must be a way of queuing app or starting download in the background once the Buy button is pressed allowing App Store app to stay open and continue browsing other apps.


It now seems that we have a solution for this in the form of a new jailbreak tweak called StayOpened which is available for FREE in Cydia store. Once you install it, it allows App Store to stay open even after the Buy button is pressed allowing app download to occur in the background. This is as simple as it gets, yet you’ll find it actually quite handy!


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[via MacStories]

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