Majority of iPhone buyers prefer to shop from mobile carrier stores over Apple Retail

The research organization CIRP has just published some data that gives us deeper insight into the preference of iPhone buyers in the United States. As per the data brought forth by CIRP, the majority of iPhone buyers in the United States prefer to shop from mobile carrier stores and online over Apple Retail.

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67% of iPhone buyers make their purchases from mobile carrier stores and online

According to CIRP’s data, physical and online retail carrier stores are preferred by iPhone buyers over Apple Retail stores in the United States. This category accounts for over half of Apple’s iPhone sales in the region. Apple’s own stores are the second most common place for iPhone buyers. Check out the full breakdown below:

  • Mobile carrier stores and online: 67%
  • Apple Retail: 24%
  • Third-party and independent retailers: 5% 
  • Best Buy 4%

With the breakdown in mind, CIRP analysts say that almost 80% of iPhone buyers preferring to shop “outside the Apple retail universe” should be viewed as a “weak spot for Apple.” Especially considering how many individuals in the United States own an iPhone and plan to stick to it through the many cycles.

More than 75% of US iPhone sales are outside of the Apple retail universe and that is a weak spot for Apple. When a customer selects their new iPhone – the model, storage capacity, and even color – an event that only occurs every two or three or more years for most consumers, most sales are managed by a carrier salesperson or processed on a carrier website, all out of Apple’s careful control.

Of course, a carrier salesperson or website will direct customers to accessories and extended warranties, though they likely are not giving preference to Apple’s offerings as Apple certainly would.

Apple may need to start rigorously promoting its products in the United States, even though its market share in the region is significant. The tech giant should also hold regular sales.

Check out CIRP’s full report here.

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