iPhone shipments in China reached 7.3 million in January 2022, much higher than average

An analysis of data provided by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology reveals that Apple iPhone shipments in China for the month of January 2022 reached 7.3 million, much higher than the historic average of 4.5 million units for the month of January.

Starting with the launch of the first 5G iPhone 12 series, iPhone sales in China have seen a drastic increase in the past year. And the success of the iPhone 13 series in the country made Apple the number one brand in China in Q4, 2021 with the highest ever 23% market share. Cupertino tech giant has surpassed Vico for the first time since Q4, 2015 in China.

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With 7.3 million units, iPhone shipments in China saw a 49% month-over-month increase in January 2022

Based on the data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee said that January 2022 was Apple’s best quarter for iPhone sales since January 2015.

Shipments of international devices in the country, which are mostly made up of Apple iPhones, clocked in at 7.3 million in January. That’s well above the historical average of 4.8 million units for the month of January.

Shipments in January increased 49% month-over-month, though still decreased 24% seasonally from December.

Since October, international smartphone shipments in China tracked at 30.3 million units, 20% higher year-over-year and 28% higher than the historical average.

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The report also mentions that Apple’s smartphone sales are booming at a time when smartphones demand is seeing a dip in China with a 1% M-o-M decrease in total mobile phone shipments between December and January.

Previously, a market survey by Counterpoint Research also highlighted that Apple has had an impressive performance in China because of its clever pricing, and marketing of the iPhone 13 series. Research Analyst Mengmeng Zhang wrote that:

“Apple’s stellar performance was driven by a mix of its pricing strategy and gain from Huawei’s premium base. Apple rose to first place in China right after the iPhone 13 was released (week 39) in September. Afterwards, it remained in the leading position for most of the fourth quarter. The new iPhone 13 has led the success due to a relatively lower starting price at its release in China, as well as the new camera and 5G features. Furthermore, Huawei, Apple’s main competitor in the premium market, faced declining sales due to the ongoing US sanctions.”

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