iPod Touch price cuts, storage and performance increase.

As rumored, the iPod Touch didn’t get the cameras due to some quality issues with the first batch that was shipped to Apple. The iPod Nano line did get video cameras though. The iPod Touch was touted as a great iPod, pocket computer and a portable game player at the event and got some good price  cuts. A 64Gb version was introduced too. ipod touch

Strangely, the 16GB version as left out of the announcement, but here are the new prices for other capacities:

  • 8 GB : $199
  • 32 GB: $299
  • 64 GB: $399

The 32GB and 64GB version also get a speed boost of up to 50% thanks to OpenGL|ES that was first introduced in the iPhone 3G S. Not much surprises here either. Overall, it has been a rather tame update, but it proves those camera issue rumors true.

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