iSwifter Brings Flash On iPad Yet Again, Now Available In App Store!

Like Skyfire for iPad, this app called iSwifter brings the ability to view flash content on your iPad from all over the web. Best of all, its available as a free download in the App Store. They claim that you don’t even need to wait for your videos to convert / stream like on Skyfire. In fact, iSwifter provides instant access to all you favorite flash websites, music videos, tv shows and movies on the internet. Alongside, you can always enjoy your favorite social Flash games on the iPad.


Official iTunes description:

Tired of waiting forever for your videos to stream on Skyfire? You can now instantly browse any of your favorite shows, music videos, movies across the web using iSwifter!

Limited by the ability to only watch Flash videos and not other types of Flash apps like games and website animations? This latest update to iSwifter adds full-featured Flash web browsing capability. All this while continuing to play your favorite casual and social Flash games on the iPad!

But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself today – it’s free to try!



Download iSwifter Flash Player For iPad [Direct Link]

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