iTunes is down. Apple is aware of the outage

When I went to get my foursquare and facebook updates today, I was told that I could not connect to the iTunes store.  I then went to Safari and was able to serve up a page.  OK, so my internet works.  After a quick look at the iTunes forums, it appears everyone worldwide is having issues connecting to iTunes.

Apple is known to be notorious for not making people aware of outages.  So that raises a few questions; Was this on purpose?  Is Apple updating iTunes? Their backend servers?  Or is the computer and technology giant really having problems?!

Not to worry, it should be back up soon and we will all be able to update our apps and download them again.

About the Author

David is a Systems Engineer by day and a Competitive Triathlete on the weekends. He is an avid Apple fan who also loves everything Google. He writes on everything and loves to share news with fellow techies.