Lead times for Apple’s iPad are higher than for other products

According to a new report, lead times for almost all of Apple’s products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac are stable ahead of its upcoming September 7 “Far Out,” event. However, the iPad is seeing higher lead times in comparison to other products.

M1 iPad Pro

If you order an iPad right now, you will have to wait from 9 to 11 days to receive it

According to a new J.P. Morgan’s Global Product Lead Time Tracker (via AppleInsider), almost all of Apple’s products have stable lead times. Though lead times are not the best measure of demand, they do tell us about supply and demand balance.

Analysts at J.P. Morgan say that lead times across all categories “remained stable” barring one, the iPad. The lead times for the popular tablet now stand at 9 days, even longer than the Mac. In the United States, lead times for the iPad stand at 11 days.

However, this is not all that surprising since the iPad has seen strong demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, authorities in China ordered Apple supplier Foxconn to suspend its operations in an effort to conserve energy while battling its worst heatwave in 60 years. However, Foxconn has now been allowed to resume production.


As for other products, the iPhone is seeing stable lead times at 2 days globally. The Apple Watch’s lead times stand at 4 days, down from 11 days, and the AirPods went down from two days to one. Lead times for the Mac are also begging to stabilize, they are down to a week.

BOE- iPhone 14

As we inch closer to Apple’s upcoming event, it is likely that lead times will start to increase due to new product releases. In addition to this, the Cupertino tech giant is expected to release two new iPad models at an event in October, an iPad Pro refresh with the M2 chip as well as the 10th-generation entry-level iPad with a larger display, further adding to the iPad’s production crunch.

In addition to Apple’s new releases, the holidays are likely going to have an impact on lead times as well as demand for products across all categories will see a considerable jump.

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