Leather MagSafe Wallet by Mujjo is a worthy competitor of Apple’s offering – Review

If you are looking for a good quality leather MagSafe wallet, then Mujjo has you covered.

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet

Apple recently completely replaced leather with a new material, FineWoven in all iPhone’s MagSafe wallets and cases, along with other accessories. The move to discontinue leather is part of the company’s environmental protection efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, and Apple claimed that FineWoven was a “luxurious and durable micro twill” material which made it comparable to leather.

However, reviews said otherwise. FineWoven is not the premium replacement for leather.

The Verge wrote that “FineWoven iPhone cases and accessories are bad. Like, really bad”, especially the MagSafe wallet which showed signs of wear right out of the box. It easily got scratched with fingernails and other objects, and stained. “The leather cases had their problems, but when leather gets old, it at least looks nice — a scuffed, dusty fabric case will not.”

Mujjo leather Magsafe wallet can be a good alternative to Apple’s new FineWoven wallet

Based in the UK, Mujjo manufacturer that offers leather accessories for Apple products like iPhone, AirTags, AirPods, and others. The company sent me its, Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet for review, and here is my honest opinion, “It is comparable to Apple’s leather MagSafe wallet, if not better”.

Design and texture

Mujjo MagSafe wallet is made with vegetable-tanned Ecco leather and is lined with Japanese microfiber with a satin-like finish. It features silicone stripes on the back for slip resistance. In comparison to Apple’s leather MagSafe wallet with a smooth and glossy texture, Mujjo’s wallet has a grainer texture and slightly mate finish. 

The manufacturer claims that the leather wallet will get warmer and softer with usage but will age “beautifully”.

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet

Mujjo leather Magsafe wallet can hold up to 3 cards which can not only be accessed from the top, and back but also from the bottom without having to detach the wallet from the iPhone. 

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet

Size and thickness

Mujjo leather Magsafe wallet is slightly thicker and taller than Apple’s leather wallet. Having said that both wallets are very similar in size.

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet


Because of the silicone strips on the back, the Mujjo wallet is slightly raised, unlike Apple’s wallet which completely attaches to the back without leaving any space. Although the Mujjo wallet has a firm grip even in pockets, its raised body from the iPhone’s back makes it come off very easily which might be a concern for some people.

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet


Mujjo leather Magsafe wallet is compatible with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch MagSafe iPhone models and Mujjo’s iPhone 14 MagSafe cases. However, they are not compatible with Mujjo cases for iPhone 12 and 13.

Price and availability

Mujjo leather Magsafe wallet retails for $44 and is available in black, blue, tan, gray, brown, and burgundy red. Apple’s iPhone FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe retails for $59 and is available in mulberry, green, taupe, blue, and black.

Mujjo leather MagSafe wallet

Verdict: Expect Find My support and MagSafe animation, Mujjo leather wallet offers everything Apple Wallet does

I tried the WovenFine wallet at the Apple Store but was not impressed enough by its quality and texture to buy it and continue using my old Apple leather wallet.

After trying the Mujjo wallet, it will be using a new wallet as it has a premium product with quality material and design. My favorite feature of the wallet is the cut-out at the bottom to take out cards without removing the whole wallet from the back of my iPhone. 

Mujjo wallet comes with a two-year guarantee against any manufacturing fault and a full refund within 14 14-day policy. The company offers international shipping. 

However, the third-party wallet lacks FindMy support and the cool MagSafe animation when the wallet is attached to the iPhone.

In the space where Apple no longer offers leather wallets and the FineWoven wallet is not for everyone, the Mujjo leather wallet is a worthy alternative. 

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