LG partners with Apple to bring AirPlay to hotel TVs

Apple recently announced during WWDC that its popular AirPlay feature would be integrated into hotel TVs, offering guests the convenience of streaming content from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly to the TV. LG, a leading provider of in-room hotel TVs, has wasted no time in embracing this initiative, bringing AirPlay to its upcoming LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs starting in 2023.

LG AirPlay

AirPlay integration coming to hotel TVs in 2023

In a press release by LG Business Solutions USA, the company highlighted its commitment to meeting consumer needs by incorporating AirPlay into its hotel TV lineup. By offering simple access to personal media options on the largest screen, LG aims to enhance in-room entertainment experiences for travelers while differentiating itself from local competitors.

“This is a major advancement for in-room entertainment in the travel and hospitality industry, and underscores how closely we are listening to the needs of consumers who increasingly demand simple access to their personal media options on the biggest screen, wherever they are,” said Michael Kosla, hospitality vice president at LG Business Solutions USA “Hotels that offer this feature will have an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices, boosting guest satisfaction while providing real differentiation from local competition.”

Connecting to a hotel TV via AirPlay is designed to be a hassle-free process. Guests can simply scan a QR code displayed on the TV to pair their Apple devices without the need for passwords or additional apps. This streamlined connection method ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for hotel guests.

While the press release focuses on LG’s upcoming Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs, it briefly mentions the possibility of AirPlay’s capability being extended to other LG hotel TV models. This indicates that AirPlay may become a standard feature across LG’s hotel TV lineup in the future.

Apple and LG have collaborated to prioritize user privacy and security in implementing AirPlay on hotel TVs. This reassures guests that their personal data remains protected during the streaming process. By maintaining a strong foundation of privacy and security, both companies aim to instill confidence in guests while using the AirPlay feature.

LG’s new line of hotel smart TVs equipped with AirPlay is scheduled to launch at the end of 2023. This means that hotel guests will soon enjoy the convenience of streaming their preferred content without the need to navigate complex TV setups or carry personal Apple TV devices during their trips.

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