LiveClock – FREE Cydia App Brings Animated Clock To Your iPhone Home Screen!


Ever wanted to see that seconds hand on you Springboard’s clock icon move like a real time clock? Well your wish has just been granted by this super cool app available on Cydia called “LiveClock”, courtesy of Joshua Lee Tucker a.k.a @DarkMalloc, undoubtedly one of the most talented guys I have ever known! And guess what? LiveClock is totally FREE on the Cydia store available to all those with a jailbroken iPhone via the BigBoss repo.

The old version of LiveClock required Winterboard installation to make it work. But the latest version has removed this dependency and all you need to do is open Cydia, search for LiveClock, install, restart Springboard and thats it!

LiveClock-iTD.PNGI guess it’s about time you all get rid of the dull, static clock icon always pointing to 10:15 no matter what the time is. You can also tell from the top image, the LiveClock makes it tick in real time and a time comes when you feel as if the digital clock in the status bar is actually waiting for the LiveClock’s seconds hand to reach 12 so it can display the next minute.

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Main features of LiveClock are:

  • Animated Clock icon on the SpringBoard
  • Adds customizable animation to the SpringBoard Clock icon.
  • Includes a few extra themes for use with WinterBoard (if its installed)
  • Does not work on some older models

Repo: BigBoss

Version: 0.5-9

Author: Joshua Lee Tucker

Section: Tweaks

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