Some customers receive the new 24-inch M1 iMac with a slight mounting imperfection

Customers are returning their new 24-inch M1 iMac due to a crooked stand. Firstly noted by YouTuber @iPhonedo and later reported by several other customers that they received their new 24-inch M1 iMac with a slight slanting issue with the screen. While taking a few shots for his review video, iPhonedo noticed that the screen was slightly hanging to a side, and upon investigation, he found that the screen was not properly mounted on the stand. There was a 0.4 cm difference between the two sides. Other than that, iPhonedo gives a big thumbs up to the new all-in-one computer.

M1 iMac is a surprisingly great device, but unfortunately, mine was mounted on its stand wrong so it is crooked, now I’m not a person who cares about slanted stuff but in case you do, check your iMac.

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Users discover their M1 iMac are tilting to one side

On June 4, a customer @pierreokivier highlighted the issue on Apple Support Community that the screen of the new computer was crooked at the bottom with a 1mm tilt. Others replied to his post that they measured 2.5mm and 3mm differences on the two edges of the screen. 

In his review video, iPhonedo mentions that his new M1 iMac is maxed out and the new additions could be the reason for the screen to be slightly hanging more on one side. And fortunately, he was able to return the defective piece and order a new one. However, the waiting time for the new M1 iMac is almost a month. But other customers were not so lucky.

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Replying to the YouTuber’s post on Reddit, user @synchronicityVII wrote that he had the same mounting issue but can not return his computer. He wrote that;

Checked mine after watching this and it’s also crooked.

Not to the degree of his, but not completely level either. I’m outside of my return window and I can’t take the time hit of not having a machine to work on for a month.

It’s super disappointing that Apple of all companies is shipping units with such a basic oversight. There’s 7 screws fixing the screen to the stand in what seemed like a case of over-engineering, but apparently not.

Apple has not addressed or given an explanation for the M1 iMac slanting issue, but @jgpsolo on the community page provided a reason for why the screen was tilting slightly to one side. 

In terms of tolerances, this works out as a tilt of less than 1/3 of a degree…so it’s probably well within limits.

Manufacturing tolerances for the aluminium components will be very precise, for the silicon feet, probably more generous, so this could even contribute to this sub-1-degree tilt.

Looking back, you’ll see similar threads with people finding a tilt on the iMacs of previous generations. It’s probably ‘normal’. I had my old iMac for nearly 10 years and never noticed a tilt, but I’m almost certain if I measured it, there would be a slight disparity.

Hope this helps.

Customers have 14 days window to return a product for a refund or exchange. The company’s return policy reads that “items ordered online from Apple that arrived damaged or are incorrect can be returned to any U.S. Apple Store, or by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775.”

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