Apple will not launch M2 Ultra Mac Studio due to similarity with upcoming Apple silicon Mac Pro

According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a new Mac Studio with the “M2 Ultra” chip is unlikely to arrive anytime soon. This is because the upcoming Apple silicon Mac Pro will offer many of the same features as the Mac Studio.

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Apple may not update Mac Studio until M3 or M4 generation

Gurman stated in the most recent issue of his “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg that since the future Apple silicon Mac Pro is quite identical in capabilities to the Mac Studio, Apple may postpone updating the machine until the introduction of M3- or M4-series chips. Alternatively, the tech giant may never upgrade it at all.

I wouldn’t anticipate the introduction of a Mac Studio in the near future. The upcoming Mac Pro is very similar in functionality to the Mac Studio — and adds the M2 Ultra chip rather than the M1 Ultra. So it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to offer an M2 Ultra Mac Studio and M2 Ultra Mac Pro at the same time. It’s more likely that Apple either never updates the Mac Studio or holds off until the M3 or M4 generation. At that point, the company may be able to better differentiate the Mac Studio from the Mac Pro.

Gurman’s most recent comments are the clearest indication yet that a new version of the machine is unlikely to be released any time soon because there have not been many rumors regarding the next-generation Mac Studio to this point.

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The long-awaited Apple silicon Mac Pro will arrive this year with the M2 Ultra chip and it will feature the same design as its 2019 predecessor. In addition, the device will not allow users to manually upgrade its RAM.

Gurman previously reported that Apple was working on a Mac Pro with the M2 Extreme chip. The chip would have offered 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores. However, Apple ended up scrapping the chip due to issues with the cost and complexity of producing such a processor. There was also a concern about how expensive the machine could get for consumers.

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The M2 Ultra chip will still offer impressive performance. The chip will reportedly feature 24 CPU cores, 76 graphics cores, and support for 192 gigabytes of memory.

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