M3 Ultra to feature a 32-core CPU and 80-core GPU – Gurman

Apple recently launched the updated 24-inch iMac and MacBook Pro with the third-generation M3 silicon. This lineup includes the base M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chipsets. However, the real showstopper, the M3 Ultra, is yet to take the stage.

Let’s explore the latest information and predictions surrounding this anticipated powerhouse, expected to redefine the capabilities of Apple’s Mac lineup.

M2 Ultra

256GB unified RAM in the M3 Ultra set to revolutionize performance

Traditionally, Apple’s “Ultra” versions have set the benchmark by doubling the main processing cores and graphics cores compared to the Max version. With the M2 Ultra featuring a remarkable 24 CPU cores and 76 graphics cores, expectations are high for the upcoming M3 Ultra to push the boundaries even further.

Bloomerg’s Mark Guurman offers valuable insights into the potential specifications of the M3 Ultra. According to Gurman, the M3 Ultra could boast an astonishing 32-core CPU and an 80-core GPU, representing a significant leap from its predecessor.

Here’s how it played out with the M2: The Pro chip has as many as 12 CPU cores and 19 graphics cores, while the M2 Max tops out at 12 cores for the CPU and 38 for graphics. The M2 Ultra then doubles that to 24 CPU cores and 76 graphics cores.

But Apple deviated a bit from that approach with the new M3 line. The Max version isn’t just an M3 Pro with double the graphics performance; it now has several more CPU cores as well.

That has implications for the M3 Ultra, which Apple hasn’t announced yet. If the company continues to double both the CPU and graphics configurations with the Ultra, we’re looking at a Mac chip that tops out at an outrageous 32 CPU cores and 80 graphics cores. And as Apple steps up the memory, you could imagine an option with 256 gigabytes.

Gurman notes that Apple has deviated from its traditional approach with the M3 lineup. Unlike previous iterations, the M3 Max not only doubles the graphics cores but also introduces more CPU cores compared to the M3 Pro. This strategic shift sets the stage for the M3 Ultra to potentially feature an unprecedented 80 graphics cores alongside 32 CPU cores.

The report speculates that Apple might further elevate the M3 Ultra’s capabilities by increasing the memory configuration. If this holds true, users could enjoy an impressive 256GB of unified RAM, setting new standards for performance and multitasking capabilities.

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