M4 iPad Pro teardown: Thermal redesign, modular USB-C and more

Apple’s latest M4 iPad Pro has taken the tech world by storm. But what’s happening beneath that sleek exterior? Phone Repair Guru recently released a teardown video that dives deep into the iPad Pro’s internals, revealing detailed insights.

In this article, we’ll dissect these findings, exploring the cutting-edge technology powering the M4 chip, the innovative design improvements that enhance thermal performance and repairability

M4 iPad Pro teardown

Enhanced thermal performance

Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro boasts several enhancements aimed at improving its thermal performance and structural integrity. According to Phone Repair Guru, the addition of graphite sheets to the chassis and the infusion of the rear Apple logo with copper have led to a 20% improvement in thermal management. This is particularly important for maintaining performance under heavy usage.

Relocated front camera

One of the standout design changes is the relocation of the front camera and Face ID components to the right-side edge. This move has allowed Apple to integrate the Apple Pencil magnetic charging mechanism seamlessly alongside these components. The teardown video provides a clear view of how these elements coexist within the compact frame of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro front camera

Apple Pencil

Central logic board and battery

The teardown reveals a familiar internal design, with a centrally located logic board housing the powerful M4 chip. The iPad Pro features a substantial 10,209 mAh battery, which is secured with adhesive pull tabs, simplifying the replacement process.


Modular USB-C port

A notable improvement in the new iPad Pro is the modular design of the USB-C port. Held in place by just three screws, it is easily removable, which Phone Repair Guru describes as “the easiest charging port replacement I’ve seen in a while for an Apple product.”


The new iPad Pro has been lauded for its repairability. The use of screws instead of glue for securing major components, such as the USB-C port and camera assemblies, makes it easier to disassemble and repair. This is a significant step forward in a market where repairability is often sacrificed for sleek design.

For more detailed insights, you can watch the full teardown video by Phone Repair Guru and stay tuned for additional analyses from other tech reviewers like iFixit.

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