Mac Software to convert videos to iOS FREE for Easter

What do you use when you’re in a pinch to convert a video for your iOS device?  Go to iTunes and use their conversion tools?  What if it is a format iTunes doesn’t support like Windows Media files?  Then you need this software.  You just select your file, choose your tab (for iPhone, for iPod, etc) and then click start!  That’s it.  When it’s finished, you get a video that you can put onto your device and you’re done.  There is no need to change any settings.  But if you feel brave, or know what you are doing, then feel free to change them.

It will even convert the file to a different file type (MP4 or MOV) and will even convert Youtube videos.  Just click the Youtube button, it will ask for a link to the video, and will convert it to a file type you can use locally or on your device.

This piece of software is normally $35, but the developer is running a promotion from April 20 – May 3.  Just go to their site here, download the app, and use the registration code they give you there.  Whether you are a newbie to video conversion or an expert, anyone will be able to convert almost any video to a format your device can use.

[via 9to5Mac]

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