macOS Monterey features like Live Text do not work on Intel Macs

macOS Monterey was announced earlier this week with a number of amazing new features like Live Text, Universal Control, Focus, FaceTime improvements with SharePlay, and more. However, some users might be disappointed to know that a few new features such as Live Text and Portrait Mode blurred backgrounds for FaceTime calls are limited to M1 Macs only.

macOS Monterey

If you have an Intel Mac, you will not get these macOS Monterey features

Although Apple has not created any comparison table on its website to show which features will not work on Intel Macs, it has specifically shared noted as to which features will only work on M1 Macs:

  • Portrait mode in FaceTime video calls
  • Live Text in photos
  • 3D landmarks, detailed maps, and dark mode maps
  • Interactive globe
  • Spatial audio experience with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max
  • Offline on-device dictation
  • Continuous dictation
  • Neural text-to-speech voice in more languages

These new features rely on the Neural Engine which is exclusive to Apple Silicon i.e. the M1 chip. Intel chips do not have such capabilities which explains the limitation. However, for 3D landmarks, detailed maps, and the interactive globe, we are unsure how they rely on machine learning. Google already has detailed maps available in the browser, and they have no dependency on machine learning hardware in devices.

macOS Monterey

Despite the limitations on some of these features, there are many other macOS Monterey features like Universal Clipboard, SharePlay, new Safari improvements, Shortcuts app, Focus, Notes improvements, AirPlay to Mac, and more, that will work just fine on Intel Macs.

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